ON SEPTEMBER 10, 1992 AT 2:09 PM


“I am Saint John.  I was an Apostle that walked with others like myself, all of us listening to the Teachings, to the Directions that were passed to us constantly, vocally, from The One we called ‘Jesus’.

We, at many times, had moments of laughter.  Many times we would find humor in the slightest thing, just as all of you do in your day.  Laughter was given by The Father for a reason, an expression of joy, an expression of happiness.

As we walked along the paths, some of these paths we were the first to make.  No one had walked on that particular spot before, so we thought, and we would relate this time, this spot, to a Teaching, such as, we were the first to hear a Lesson directed to the Purpose of life.  So we would relate this Teaching to the path we had just taken, the experience we had on that path.

Since the time We walked with Jesus, so much has happened in the world.  As We look at it from Here, We All wish and We All will it to be a place of happiness for all of mankind, but I have come today, as Others have, to help you understand, there is so much wrong, there is so much immorality, there are so many heresies.

All these things are dangerous to the mental, the physical, and Spiritual life of man.  Who can stop all this?  Who will stop all this?  Who wants to stop all this?  I wish there was a way, that a hand could be waved and purity would reign, but it cannot be done that way; mankind walks with a particular Gift of Love from The Father, a will, the ability to make decisions, but mankind also many times seems to forget that the decisions made by that precious Gift can be moments of great love, understanding, hope, obedience to God’s Commandments.  Then there is the other side of decision and that contains willfulness, greed, lust, and many, many sins against God’s Commandments.

As we walked with Jesus, He based much of the Teaching on The Commandments of God.  A decision had to be arrived at.  He would say, ‘What decision will be best?’ Of course, we would look at Him and say, ‘Is this a test?’ and He would say, ‘Is not every decision a test:  a test to prove your love, a test to deny love, a test of obedience, a test hoping it will not be acted out in disobedience?’

So much has been taught in so many ways, all directed to one Purpose.  That Purpose, of course, is that each child will one day be called ‘a Saint’.  So be it.”

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