ON SEPTEMBER 15, 1992 AT 10:15 AM


“Within man’s physical and mental, I have given man the ability to learn, to retain, to understand, and be able to use the abilities absorbed to perpetuate areas of life that will enable the individual to live a fuller life in many ways.

Knowing the innate challenges, interests, goals, desires to accomplish that are derived from the initiative and capabilities that were part of what I gave mankind to work from, work with, I also gave mankind a Soul.  This Soul is a Portion of Me, not understandable by many so-called learned men and women, but they must not forget that as I Am A Mystery, so is My Generosity, My Reasoning, My Way of Doing Things.

The Soul is Important because the Soul constantly reflects, through My Divine Light, the individual child’s condition of purity and/or lack of purity.  Please do not pass this Statement of Fact off and say, ‘It cannot be.’ IT IS.

Man’s lack of Faith in how I work is sometimes distressful to Me, because the will of the individual decides to use the freedom of the will to satisfy human weaknesses, instead of standing firm on obedience to My Commandments.

My Commandments are not past History.  They will always be the Constitution for the Strength, Force, Energy, Example, Truth, of what True Christianity is all about.

If I did not love mankind, why would I have bothered to give mankind so much?

I Am A Loving God.  Your ability to even use the word comes from Me.

I Am A Giving God.  Your innate ability to give and to receive comes from Me.

I Am A Generous God.  Your acts of charity, hope, love, Faith, comes from Me.

This Miracle is a Miracle of Hope because It has, in so many ways, so many times, taught in the most finite way, the Beauty of the Soul, the Goal of the Soul, and the Magnificent Gift It is, because of My Special Love for mankind.

When I hear anyone say, ‘This Miracle cannot be,’ I do not just get upset, I get angry, because it says I would not talk to mankind, I would not care enough to communicate, because of Who I Am.  Think about this.  It makes more sense that I would.  I have in the past, at the time when man desperately needed Direction, when I gave Moses My Commandments.

Yes, I have chosen a very small, delicate instrument this time, because I knew she would be obedient, handle the responsibility, and use her love, her strong will and her innate Faith to stand up for what she knew was Truth.

I also add to This Message from Me:  As I cast in stone, My Will, My Directions at a specific, special time before this, I cast Them in writing for mankind to read, absorb, follow, obey, and understand what I want man to understand, that My Commandments must be obeyed and I cannot tolerate the sinfulness that is so ugly and prevalent throughout the world.  So be it.”

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