ON SEPTEMBER 17, 1992 AT 1:25 PM


“I am Saint Kilian.  I have spoken many times in forms of conversation through This Miracle.  Mankind has a way of sloughing off, disregarding what is obvious to them, because they do not want to be critical of the laxness in Spiritual circles that are so important.

There are thousands of men and women who are accepting any form of Spiritual practice because they have bulked all things together, losing the necessity of more respect that is due in certain areas of acts pertaining to prayer, and to the manner in which specific times and specific items are the object of specific attention, even adoration.

Many of Us have spoken much regarding the laxness, and that mankind should become more aware that familiarity is definitely a wrongful manner to practice where The Beloved Sacrament bespeaks The Sacrifice made for the good of man.  Too many are taking for granted this Specific, Special Act of Love.  It is being mistreated in more ways than you can conceive.  It is a Precious Gift, a Personal Gift.  It is allowed to be, because It gives Spiritual Strength that nothing else can give.

Mankind has relaxed in so many areas:  prayer for one, respect for the Gifts The Father has given, and many more I will not go into now.  Children are not being taught properly, correctly; they are not being corrected when they are present in the House of God.

The church, as you know it to be, is the residence giving the opportunity for you to visit, for you to pray, for you to partake in a formal way, honoring All That He Is.

Man forgets that he and she are creations of The Father, forgetting the privilege of what human life truly is.  There is more to the physical than man fully understands, but just because man cannot see the Soul does not mean It is not there.

Some men say, ‘How can a savage have a Soul?’ He has a Soul.  The environment he was raised in does not deny him this, but even in his culture, there are things considered right and things considered wrong.  The Soul is the Victim or the Victor, according to the will of the human being.  What a Responsibility The Father has allowed to be.  But think about this:  This is the Foundation that gives strength to all the decisions that are concerned with the right or the wrong, by the individual.

A different type of Lesson perhaps, One that will have to be read many times, but I hope you will remember one thing:  In the House of God, respect must be returned to it or it could be taken away, because The Father has a past History of taking what is being wrongfully used and starting over.  So be it.”

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