ON SEPTEMBER 17, 1992 AT 2:26 PM


“I am Saint Cecilia.  There is so much happiness Here in the Heavens when children respond to truthful statements that are difficult to speak out loud, because of the obvious unkindness that must be divulged, but truth must be spoken, for soundness is based on truth.  Sometimes truth has to hurt because it attacks the thinking, the speech, the way of those close, or those who are loved much.

If this is difficult for mankind, imagine how difficult it is for The Father when He is upset and has to reprimand, in His Own Way, a child, or children who are acting impurely.

One of the reasons This Beautiful Miracle has been given to the world with so much Instruction, so much Direction, is to avoid The Father having to show, in His Way, that things must stop.

Man goes on and on, man goes deeper and deeper into sinfulness.  It is almost as if mankind does not believe there is a God Who watches over everything, and that there are His Commandments; also, that These Commandments are not to be ignored for any reason, in any manner, for any purpose.

The world has been given a Great Gift of Love.  Now it is up to a small number of human beings to spread this Love intentionally, directly, not concerned, not worried in how It will be received.  Do not forget, every human being has the ability to see right from wrong, and each one has a Soul.

It is sadness to think and even more sad to know, that many human beings never even think of That Portion of themselves, the Soul.  Some might feel that if they concentrate on having a Soul, it will stop them from enjoying life.  Not so.  If you were a Soul, would you not be happy being part of happiness?  Of course, when it is Pure happiness.  God has never said to mankind, ‘Human life must be dull, human life must be so dedicated every moment of the day to thinking about Me.’ Where would the freedom of the will be?

This Miracle has been sent to the world in such a beautiful way, for such a Great Purpose.  Enjoy The Miracle, for All of Us Here enjoy and truly love being a Part of It.  It is a Miracle giving you the privilege to share with others, God’s Love, All of Heaven’s Love, and the knowledge that no one stands alone in the world, because within each human being there is a Portion of God, the Soul.  So be it.”

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