ON SEPTEMBER 17, 1992 AT 4:20 PM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Polycarp.  In announcing My Name, some will say, ‘I know of Him,’ and some will say, ‘I have never heard of Him.’

There are so many Beautiful Lessons that have passed through this instrument, for mankind to better understand the privilege of being man.  Some will say, after reading so much that has gone before, ‘It amazes me that The Saints keep speaking; it appears we have so much now to follow in our daily ways of life.’ There could never be too much, because of the many cultures and the many different creeds.

Mankind does not realize values unless it is monetary or physical, something he or she can associate with.  Man’s Spiritual Goals should be of the highest degree, and in order to reach the Ultimate, mankind should evaluate all personal activities, entertainment, friendships, work areas, on what each thing will eventually do when the effects register within the Soul.

It is easy for mankind to determine monetary values because it is uppermost in the mind in daily living.  Now I ask you, ‘On a scale of whatever measure you decide, how would you grade your morality, your sense of justice, your degree of purity, your obedience to God’s Commandments?’

Ask yourself also, if you were standing in a crowd and you were to give a speech on morality, where would you begin?  What effect would you have on those who were listening?  How many would stay and listen?  How many would walk away?  How many would determine the value in what you had said or were to say?  Look around you as you walk in your daily way, as you look at others; are you able to determine the state of their Soul, the state of their morality?  Even those you meet at the church you go to, what do you see besides their Act of Faith in being there?  What do you feel about the genuineness in their Spiritual belief?

God did not mean for man to judge man in such a diligent manner, but God does want every human being to be aware of the condition of his or her own Soul, and the importance of example that should radiate for the benefit of others’ Souls.

There are so Many Here in the Heavens Who want to please The Father because there is so much moral devastation throughout the world.  It is important for mankind to not refuse leadership in moral values, moral codes, but to take stands and allow others to know for the benefit of each one’s Soul.

Think of the time Moses walked the earth.  Do you not think he was tired as man?  Do you truly realize the responsibility that was handed to him?  There was no turning back for Moses, there was too much at stake.  There were Souls that could be lost if he did not take a firm stand.

It is not easy, obedience to The Father’s Will, but the results are beyond anything mankind can comprehend:  the Glorification of Souls through the Salvation of Souls, and the happiness that radiates Here in the Heavens.

Man has more than instinct; man has a conscience, man has a sense of justice, a sense of right and wrong.  These Gifts alone tell mankind he walks a special role.

Some men say that someone else is too ignorant to understand.  Many times this is not so.  Many times it is the person who makes the remark does not care about taking the time to explain, the time to be example, the time to express sincerity, so the quickest remark to avoid any responsibility is to make a remark diminishing the other one’s manner of life.

The Father, through This Miracle, has given so much Love, has given so much Hope.  Logic should tell mankind that such a Miracle as This One has to be backed by a Tremendous Amount of Divine Love.  So be it.”

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