ON SEPTEMBER 25, 1992 AT 1:30 PM


“I am Saint Agnes.  Logic would tell mankind that the Value, the Importance, the Truth, and the Manner in which so much has been given to the world in a relatively short time, that there is much concern for the Souls at this time.

In the twenty-five obvious years that This Miracle is recorded, the morality has obviously declined, and mankind has grown deeper and deeper in ignoring The Commandments of God; also, ignoring the importance of respect, duty, and understanding what human life is all about, and that human life is not in the same category as animal life or vegetation in all the states of its existence.

Theologians do not have the full answers regarding the full definition of what God intended, and how He intended spirituality, Faith in Him, and the definitions of so many Past Historical Deliveries.  In so many ways theology complicated much definition, and This Statement will irritate, anger, disarm, and cause some theologians to cry out ‘Impostor’.

The child through whom I speak is not an impostor, but a Victim Soul for the Souls of millions of mankind.  Not easy for her to repeat My Words, but I must say Them, for We are aware of how much injustice she could be accused of because of man’s egoism, and such positiveness in his, even other determinations.  By other, I mean some women who are deeply involved in theology.

When Christ walked the earth, His Messages were simple and directed to the time in which He lived.  The terminology was of that time, but in general, It suits the time in which you live when It is interpreted correctly.

It is a privilege for Me to be able to speak These Words of such Great Importance.  As I leave you, I want you to understand This Miracle is a Miracle of Instruction, a Miracle of giving Hope, Strength, because it is desperately needed.  There are so many men, women and children totally oriented to accepting impurities as a natural manner of living.  This must be corrected.  So be it.”

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