ON SEPTEMBER 27, 1992 AT 3:05 PM


“I am Saint Cecilia.  It makes Me so happy to be a Part of this Beautiful, Giving, Constructive Miracle for the benefit of mankind.

There is so much Direction for the good of Souls, for the benefit of Souls, to make man aware of the Importance of the Existence in each human being that makes man special, over and above all other living things and all matter ever created by The Father.

Small children must be alerted, taught, instructed, and made fully aware of how important it is for them to obey The Commandments of God, no matter what else they are taught, or who tries to dissuade them of the Importance of this Gift of Love that was presented by The Father to a human being, Moses, a long time ago.

Mankind should understand that human life has an Ultimate Purpose, and each day should be a day dedicated to striving to become more aware of the Goal of life:  Sainthood for the Soul.

As each human being is different in appearance — even those who are considered twins, there is sometimes a very minute difference — each human being must act as an individual, because each Soul will be Judged individually.

I know it may be difficult for some to understand that all will be Judged differently, but do not forget, each human being has different degrees of Faith, hope, love, interests, habits, intentions, social likes and dislikes, and even the same education is embraced in different ways and different degrees, for different purposes, reasons, and different results.

Mankind does not see the greatness in human life, as it was designed with such a variety of differences in, and variations that just looking at a particular vocation or heritage can dramatize and be judged so differently.

I am so happy to be Part of the Instruction.  It is a privilege to help Souls through the knowledge man can absorb, because of so much Love from The Father.  So be it.”

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