ON OCTOBER 1, 1992 AT 11:17 AM


“There is no moment of the day or of the night that We are not present in the mind, the will, the Soul or the body of this child in the world, a woman in terms of age, but a child to Us, and I must say, an obedient child in more ways than mankind understands the full definition of obedience.  I am Saint Columbkille.

There are so many times Someone from Here has spoken on the same subject, because of its Importance and the need mankind has to understand the subject matter.  The Soul has been spoken of continuously, yet many who read the Words cannot connect the Soul to being a Portion of The Father.  This is sad.  The Reality that exists in each human being is evident, it is obvious, because of man’s ability to understand right from wrong, purity from impurity, justice from injustice, hope from despair, humility from egoism.

All the innate abilities of mankind radiate sound evidence that they stem from not just a superior knowledge, but something inborn, innate in the nature of mankind, in the conscience of mankind, in the will of mankind.  Also, what would encourage mankind to even speak of the Importance of Faith in a Higher Being?  What would help mankind mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, if mankind did not hold within himself or herself, in simple terms, ‘The Spirit of God’ that automatically radiates hope.

I speak through one that appears to all mankind in a natural form.  If it were not like this, no one could fully understand the Words, the Meaning, because if there was no human communication, where would the Words come from?

It is understandable in the manner in which the Father Decreed All be given in this form, else man would have to depend upon false prophets, impostors, regarding spirituality, and also those who would speak regarding Faith in God, but their knowledge would come from the writing of many who, through theory and interpretations, made decisions for others to absorb, to follow, and to be bound to.

There are times when We Here see mankind in weakness, in lack of understanding, take actions that in some way diminish this Precious God-given Miracle for the Salvation of millions of Souls, just as in the time of The Son of God, those close had monumental responsibilities, and yet some of them acted wrongly.

All through time, certain men born to the world were politically oriented, and they were not all true leaders because they depended upon their own ambitions, their own interpretations, their own goals, their own theories.  You have this in your time, but This Miracle stands above all human theory.  This Miracle is for the benefit of all Souls.

This Miracle is, in Its own way, One of a Kind, no matter who tries to put It in competition with any other happening in the world.  The one through whom I speak is never competitive, humanly speaking or in this great task of obedience.  There is tremendous responsibility beyond man’s comprehension.  She is never without Us.  That does not mean her life is easy.  It is far from that.  It is a manner of living no human being could ever understand, except the one who is the victim of such a monumental undertaking.

We reach you through her Soul.  The Soul uses the intellect, the Soul uses her eyes, the Soul uses her ears, her voice box, so that All These Messages can be handed down in the Full Manner They are intended to be given, for the benefit of Souls to be returned to The Father for All Eternity.  So be it.”

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