ON OCTOBER 2, 1992 AT 11:55 AM


“I am Saint Bartholomew.  When We speak of innocence, We do not merely mean the newborn or the very, very young.  Moral innocence can be in many ages of human life.  When someone is of an age man calls a ‘mature age’ or ‘older’, there can be a beautiful morality that bears not just innocence, but a purity of mind, body, love and example.

The time in which you live is like a dark cloud hovering over a time of celebration.  By this, I mean there is so much infiltration of immorality passed through so many places, mediums of entertainment, and even in so-called Spiritual circles wherein one would only expect morality and sensitivity to the right and the wrong of conversations, of stories, of personal communications.

Sometimes mankind stands on a podium singly or as a group, and they engage in what they term ‘a normal manner of living’.  There is so much foulness, so much human degradation, so much exposure to infidelity, justified by the fact they agree with it, they experience it, and they advocate it for others who feel it is part of a normal way of life or acceptable in human life.

I, Saint Bartholomew, come through This Beautiful Miracle and say, ‘There are too few in the world who are willing to chastise these, not just irresponsible people, but immoral people.’ So much is condoned because it is being practiced by so many so freely ignoring God’s Commandments, and ignoring that within each human being there is a Special Gift from God, a Soul.  We say, ‘Why are you not afraid to advocate such immorality, to practice such indecencies and then brag about them, justifying your participation and your encouragement of these things to others?’

So many men and women are afraid to speak out loud because they will appear as Holy in their thinking, ridiculous, and not understanding what the world is today.  The Purpose for This Beautiful Miracle was to awaken mankind to the Full True Presence of God and that He is ever aware of what each human being does each moment of every day.

There were other times in the History of mankind that The Father had to correct things, had to stop the devastation of moral behavior.  What a Generous God We have.  His Love is demonstrated in so many ways for so long, and in Every Word spoken there is no mistaking that He is behind This Great Miracle for the benefit of Souls.  So be it.”

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