ON OCTOBER 2, 1992 AT 3:25 PM


“I am Saint Patrick.  There are many stories about Me when I walked the earth.  Many pray to Me for particular favors, necessities, benefits.  I hear all prayers.  As I look at mankind in your day, I wish that All of Heaven could make a physical appearance so that every man, woman and child living, could recognize the Beauty and Magnitude in what Sainthood is about.

All of Us Here look forward to speaking in such a natural form, with Teachings, Instructions that will make mankind better understand the Purpose for human life, why it is necessary for purity of mind and body to be practiced; plus, pure example for others to follow, rather than practicing any acts against God’s Commandments, thinking that it is all right to do because it is pleasing to one’s senses, one’s eyes, one’s independence, one’s freedom of will, omitting of course, that The Father wants all children of all races, all colors, all creeds, to cast out all impurities and seek the Salvation of his or her Soul.

Some men and women would refer to This Statement as childish in some ways, old-fashioned thinking, because life is more sophisticated.  God’s Commandments are so clear, definite, and have great purpose.  There is no greater Rule or Law than God’s Commandments.  Justice systems are based, in many ways, on The Commandments of God.  You must also remember Scripture says there were twelve men with Christ.  In the time in which you live, when judgment is made in a court of law, there is a judge, and for the most part, there are twelve who work hand in hand with the law of your time.

We stand Here in the Heavens and We do not want one Soul to be lost.  Mankind has little sayings about certain things that happen, such as, a shooting star sometimes is mentioned, that this is a sign a Soul goes to Heaven.  We smile at this, for this would be a beautiful thing to happen if this were so.  Then We Here would wish, hope, that your sky would be full of shooting stars that could be seen day and night, and never stop.

If mankind would only see logically, the balance of the whole universe:  the heat, the cold, the atmosphere, the light, the darkness, and so many other things, the gravity.  No man could hold this all in place.  This proves the Power of God, the Distinctness in His Way, in His Power and Place.

Children of all ages must be strengthened by His Ever-Presence, no matter where they are, what they are doing, what is being spoken, but children are not taught the importance of all subject matter, of all learning matter, and of all things that are physically performed.

We All try to instruct in many ways, so that someone, somewhere, somehow will be strengthened by Our Words.  We do not expect one Message to touch all people.  That is why All the Messages come through this instrument of The Father’s with different versions, so that what will be instructive or constructive in one intellect, there will be another Message that will do the same thing for someone else.

The mentality of mankind absorbs certain subject matter to different degrees, humanly accepting according to things that have happened in their life, things that have occurred in their mind, things they have been trained to do, things they have been trained to avoid, and many other such type of presentations that an individual can associate with mentally, physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually.

I bless you with My Love, but first I bless you with The Father’s Love, because it is because of His Love We are able to reach you.  So be it.”

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