ON OCTOBER 2, 1992 AT 3:55 PM


“I am Saint Francis Xavier.  I have not spoken much openly through this Miracle of Hope for the whole world.  I come on this day with permission from The Father, because there is so much need for mankind to stop the desecration to The Holy Eucharist, the atrocities to mankind, and for mankind to stop abusing the moral code of ethics that The Father has instilled in His Commandments.

Mankind looks around and imitates so many wrongdoings.  Mankind chooses with his or her will to accept what is at that moment considered a thrill, considered being part of modern thinking, considered being one of the group.  This type of weakness is a sadness to see because of what it does to an individual’s Soul.  It jeopardizes the Soul, plus many times it destroys the physical and does much harm to the mental.

When man becomes ill and the body becomes weak strengthwise, man complains.  He immediately says, ‘I feel so weak, my strength is gone.’ Sometimes he even says, ‘I’m frightened of this.’ It is a rarity, when mankind falls into immorality, it is rarely heard that ‘I wish I could get my strength back.’ In this case, it should be said, ‘I will stop what I am doing, because then I know I will be strong again.’

As man says, ‘There are two sides to every story,’ mankind instinctively looks for balance.  Then why does not man look for the balance on moral issues and use every type of effort to accomplish it, to see the value of what is right over what is wrong, and not make any excuses for failure?

Man fears danger to the mind and the body and to monetary measures, but when it comes to the Soul, many times there is no consideration.  It is called ‘humanism’.  Right now, so many learned men and women are losing sight of the destruction that catering to strictly humanistic values is causing to their whole way of life.

Greed is a difficult sin to conquer.  Lust is a difficult sin to conquer.  Both are tangled with ego.  It is like a web that becomes stronger the more it is woven together.

We see men, women hanging onto this web, and as they pretend or weakly hope they will be released from the web, the web becomes stronger, because they, in their actions, their thoughts, their example, move back and forth in the web of greed, lust, ego, and soon this web is so strong they cannot release themselves from it; but, remember, every time they move in that web, their will was involved, their conscience was involved, and their degree of greed, lust and ego were involved.

They say many times, ‘If I could do it over, I would do it differently.’ I, Saint Francis Xavier say, ‘Your will can change, and through your will your habits will change, and when your habits change, everything that you do will change, and when you pray for help, The Father never ignores the prayer.’ Many times though, a prayer for help is not spoken, but if it is, it is outweighed by the will.

There are many men who are teaching heresy, hypocrisy, because of greed, lust for different things, and ego.  I cannot say it is ignorance because there is more involved in it.  They desire more benefits from it that are definitely based on self-love and not God’s Commandments.

As I leave you, I want you to know that We Here understand that What I have spoken to you now will be understood by certain individuals, because it will not be the same subject that others will be involved in, affected by.  Remember This Statement, and be sure that what you read that We have spoken, is what will draw you closer to God.  It is important that all individuals understand:  one subject can make one man or woman a Great Saint; another subject can make someone else a Great Saint.  So be it.”

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