ON OCTOBER 9, 1992 AT 2:17 PM


“I am Saint Thomas Aquinas.  There were many times in the past, when My Name was brought up, there was much significance to things regarding My life.  The time in which you live, man has cast aside much information that was written about not only Myself, but Many Others Here.

This Miracle is a Special Gift of Divine Love, because It is allowing so Many of Us to come and speak openly, personally, giving Instruction, Direction and Hope to millions of people.

Years past, mankind would read books, hear stories about those for whom the book was written, but this time in the world is Openly Special because it is so Direct, and there are so Many of Us Here Who are able to speak Words of encouragement to help all who will hear the Words, or read the Words, to better understand that human life had and has a Great Purpose, not always understandable by mankind because of the daily necessities and the daily care for others.

Man says, ‘I live in a modern world.’ Many times Many of Us Here thought of Our time being modern, or I should say ‘updated’ in its way of thinking, manner of doing things, and the progress that was obvious to us in so many areas.

Let us look at two thousand years from now.  No matter how many inventions become evident, no matter how many rules are made to be followed by everyone, all human beings will have the One Goal for life.  There will be no change in this Fact, or Reason, or Purpose:  Human life will contain a Soul.

Right at this moment, many sit in educational classrooms, some sit in workplaces, some in their homes, eagerly learning new subjects, new ideas, new practices in how to do things, striving for higher goals.  Many men, women and children are diligently learning languages that are practiced throughout the world.  These things are not being condemned, but there is, along with Our Words in this Way, in this Direction, ‘Never forget you have a Soul, never allow anything to distract you from this Important Goal.’

Man has a mind, physical abilities, and a way of communication, usually through the voice box, usually through actions, making appearance known.  This Miracle that has been situated, not isolated, but situated in a manner and a way and a place, to allow It to use all the medias of expression so that It can be transferred through the written Word, throughout the world.

In the time I was upon the earth, my words were important words, my actions also; but as I look at the time in which you live, there is such great advantage to spreading God’s Love, God’s Will to the whole world in a short time and through such a personal manner.

There are so many differences of opinions.  So many times these differences cause many problems, but when something as Great as This Miracle, so Direct as This Miracle, giving Facts of Great Value, common sense would have to tell mankind to see the Value in such Information and to value this Information, not just because of Where It comes from, but because of Its Logical Reasoning that is evident in every Lesson.  So be it.”

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