ON OCTOBER 9, 1992 AT 3:14 PM


“I am Saint Cyril.  I have spoken many times since the beginning of This Miracle, and even before Its Announcement through this woman in the world.

There is great emphasis on mankind learning about the Soul.  In My day we did not have the privilege of such important information in the explicit manner that is being given to the whole world in your day, the importance of mankind knowing the privilege that each one is responsible to be aware of, within their whole being, and the importance it is for each one to see the responsibility that is an individual’s and should not be allowed to be taken for granted.

Children should be taught that as they have an intellect, the ability to walk, to run, to play, to make decisions, they must be aware of that Special Portion within them, a Gift from God, to be returned to Him one day.  Mankind will be surprised at how children will feel responsible for such an important responsibility.

Children are taught about Heaven, about their Guardian Angel.  This is right, it is good for them; but they are not always taught that they have a responsibility to God, because as He made them a human being, He placed within them Something of Himself.  If they are taught correctly, they will feel the importance of doing things to please Him, instead of just pleasing themselves.

Mankind says, ‘Selfishness is part of human living.’ I, Saint Cyril say, ‘What made this a fact?’ and I add to this, ‘That is why there is so much sinning.’ Mankind accepts self-love so easily, but This Beautiful Miracle is helping mankind to understand The Father’s Love is Ultimate, and It must be guarded, protected.  It bears a responsibility above all things.

Tell a child, if he or she could stand Face-to-face with God, it would be impossible for them to choose impurity.  Then, is it not almost the same thing when you remind them that within them there is a Portion of Him, aware of all things, and That is the Portion of them that will return to Him when the physical life is over?

Children are not being taught the Importance of the Soul.  As they learn about their Guardian Angel, it is a form of protection for them; they must learn that through The Commandments of God they have the responsibility to protect the Soul within them.  As I see children of all races, all colors, all creeds, led into areas that are obscene, sinful, the little one is victimized in many ways, and taught all the wrong things.

I leave you now, but I want My Words spread, and if mankind says, ‘The Soul is not a Portion of God,’ say to him, ‘I want proof of your words before I will believe them.’  So be it.”

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