ON OCTOBER 10, 1992 AT 8:44 PM


“When I was upon the earth, I was called ‘Pius X’.  The tasks I had to perform covered the whole world, covered what man calls ‘Christianity’, mankind who believed in and who followed the Roman Catholic Church.

In My time, as in your time, there were many differences of opinion and yet we had, hopefully, one goal in mind, and that was to instruct, to hold together, this particular place in Christianity, wherein we felt there was a great truth and much direction, for the benefits in the Spiritual lives of those who followed this religion.

You live in a time where there is much dissension because the structure, in many ways, has slipped into catering to humanism, much based on more leniency in the formal structure where there were more strict rules that would give strength, and did give strength to the individuals who practiced this particular religion, this formal Faith called ‘Roman Catholicism’.

There is so much heresy in your time.  There are so many areas in which it is practiced.  There are so many who, because of the laxness in the structure, are ignoring the strength in the values connected to Definite Rules, guided by, hopefully, men who would be devoted to helping mankind understand the importance of obedience to God’s Commandments, using specific ways to pray, more unity in prayer, and not in emotionalism.

All through time, there have been individuals who falsely felt they had specific special gifts.  Those who truly had the Gifts were quiet about Them and did not brag about Them.  In the time in which you live, scattered throughout the world, there are people searching to be special.  Some can be called ‘fanatics’, some want special attention, some find it beneficial monetarily, some are so full of greed that they dominate areas.  All these things lack Holiness.

Mankind must begin to understand that ceremony, when it is properly exercised, gives strength spiritually.  That is what religion should express, more for the benefits of those who need to have organized ceremony to give strength to the Faith, to give hope to their manner of living, and for them to become stronger in concentrating on what is best for their Soul.

In common language I say, ‘There is so much in religious circles now that can be termed “helter skelter”.’ An odd term for Me to use, but this is how We see it.  There are so few who see the value of formal prayers done properly, with respect; devotions that give hope.  Mankind says, ‘I pray,’ but I say, ‘What is your manner of prayer and is it sincere?’

I have spoken quietly in This Miracle many times, but I announce Myself on this night because I feel that What I have spoken will be written and My Name will be associated with It.  There are so Many Here in the Heavens eager to speak Words through This Miracle.  Please believe Me, there are many heretics throughout the world.  There are many false prophets, and there are many who are so convincing that they are leading many astray.

I will close My Words now with a Blessing that you understand: In Nomine Patris, Et Filii, Et Spiritus Sancti.  Amen.”

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