ON OCTOBER 13, 1992 AT 1:52 PM


“I am Saint Agnes.  It is important for My Words to be written on this day.  There are many areas where Souls are at great danger, areas that are not looked upon as any chance of satanic intervention being possible.

Many times mankind looks at things unrealistically, not wanting to see anything that would be disturbing to one’s way of life, one’s manner of living, one’s workplace, even one’s church of choice, religion of choice.

Many youngsters are in educational institutions, being hindered by those who are in charge, because of the moral values and the moral standards that are not in the same code of ethics as The Father’s.

Many men and women in authoritative places are not seen for how they truly think, truly live, what their moral code of ethics includes, because their outward appearance is like all others.  The dress code gives a oneness that covers many immoral thoughts, actions and example.

Those who sincerely believe in the Beauty of The Father, the Greatness of The Father, the Love of The Father, must begin to recognize the values of those with whom they come in contact with, they are friends of, associated with in business, or who they depend upon regarding their children, their loved ones, or even their own communication, their own association, because sometimes when immorality is not seen as something to be concerned about, because it is not one’s own thinking, does not mean it will not affect your life or those close to you.

When you go to a doctor for a physical reason, you respect his knowledge or her knowledge.  You comply with the diagnosis, and hopefully, the correction of what might be wrong.  Many times you have immediate trust.  Sometimes the trust should not be, because to the individual you are routine.

Now let us compare this situation with those to whom you feel you are closely related or have deep friendships.  Please do not take morality for granted, but use judgment for the benefit of your Soul.  Do not allow yourself to become so complacent, so vulnerable.

The time in which you live can become a time that many Great Saints will rise from.  At this point in time, what We Here see is so many walking into the briar patches designed by satan, too trusting, too weak, too careless, too indifferent, too eager to please, and yes, omitting the fact that there is much at stake, and that is the Salvation of one’s own Soul.  So be it.”

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