ON OCTOBER 14, 1992 AT 12:35 PM


“I am Saint Barbara.  Many of Us are surrounding this small instrument on this day with much Love, much Compassion, much Hope, for her physical, her mental and her Spiritual have been presented a tremendous task, greater than mankind will ever know.

As We listen to her pray for help regarding this way, We ask The Father to be easy on her, for you see, We can associate with physical pain, mental anguish, and of course, Spiritual hope.

There are many issues she is about to face.  Of course, they will not be made public, but you will find, when you are in her presence, a tiredness, and yet you will see a particular type of strength.  This strength can only be when she calls for it, and I have to say, there will be many times she will scream for it, try to demand it; for This Miracle that you partake in, that you are the recipients of, you are also the ones who must distribute This Miracle, the Importance of It, the Lessons passed through It, the Reality of It, throughout the world.

Many times she has said to you, ‘Well, my part is done, now it is up to you’; maybe in a different terminology, because as she finishes in one area, she is immediately driven spiritually, mentally, and many times physically to another area, not always recognizable by those present.

All of Us Here walked in different paths.  All of Us, though, are aware that This Miracle that has been given to the world is One to be remembered for all time, because It has delivered Specific Facts, Facts that will give strength to every area of life, Facts that will give hope, Facts that will bypass theory with Solid Statements, not questionable, not theory.

This Miracle in which you share so much, is not merely a Miracle of Faith, but It is a Miracle of Growth, a Miracle teaching mankind the Importance of human life, and its true and full worth.

As I leave you, I want you to know, as We surround her today, it is always this way, but at a time such as this, when We know there is a change to be made, more directions to go, We feel the need to encourage her, to aid her; I add to this:  it is a very lonely road.

The important issues are not always accepted by mankind because man says, ‘I heard it differently before.’ Many wrong judgments are the first reaction from some.  So, as All These Lessons pour throughout the world, it will be through your efforts, your time, your love, your service to perpetuate The Father’s Will.  So be it.”

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