ON OCTOBER 15, 1992 AT 12:30 PM


“I am Saint Matthew.  For two days I have been speaking to this instrument of The Father’s, in some ways trying to help her through this severe period of the changes occurring within her body and within her receiving All of Us.

It is a beautiful sight to see men, women and children respond in such a positive loving way to This Beautiful Miracle designed especially for your time, giving such Personal Instruction to aid mankind spiritually, morally, even physically.

If those who take part in all the physical aspects in the background of This Miracle could but see the happiness of their individual Souls when the human portion responds so lovingly, understanding more about the Importance of one’s Soul.

As I speak through this Victim Soul, I thank The Father for this Precious Gift, because as I partake in the act of encouraging men, women and children to be constantly aware of the Importance of this time in their life, that has so generously been given to give Hope, Enlightenment, Love, Direction, for that Important Portion of every human being, the Soul.

Up to this time, there have been many deliberations, theories, and made-up interpretations, regarding what the Soul is.  The Soul is a Portion of The Father, as The Holy Ghost, or some call It ‘The Holy Spirit of God’, is to God.  It is the Core of Spirituality, Purity, and It has Great Purpose beyond this.  It is the moral strengths that react and act through the conscience and will of every individual.

Much has occurred in the physical aspects behind the scenes, mainly, where mankind has been catered to, where mankind has been allowed to not depend solely on memory, but has been given the written Words, sometimes even the chance to write Them; plus, The Father chose a ‘special piece of land’.  It was Him Who saw to it, that one day it could be used as ‘a cornerstone’, marking the place for those who would work together, to join in several areas so that this Special Gift of Divine Love would have a home to be used for many to work from, so that millions would benefit.

This Beautiful Miracle, in every Facet of It, has Reason, Purpose, and has been designed by The Father to give stability in your time, so that spirituality could spread through dedication, commitment, dependability, follow-through, and Faith.

I walked the earth.  Even at that time We had many difficult things to overcome.  I, Saint Matthew say, ‘You, too, can overcome all obstacles, and with your dedication, awareness of your Soul, the Importance of It, will conquer all enemies.’  So be it.”

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