ON OCTOBER 15, 1992 AT 3:45 PM


“I am Saint Mary Magdalene.  It is a great sadness Here in the Heavens, seeing so much promiscuity, so much deliberate adultery.  It is true, My Name is mentioned in a manner that was a disgrace in My time, just as it is in your time.

History also shows mankind that when I was asked by that Special Person to change my ways, I knew it had to be that way.

The time in which you live knows right from wrong.  There is so much permissiveness, so much immorality, and people are ignoring the importance of how dangerous it is to the body and to the Soul.

Many times I turn to The Father and I say, ‘Why are they ignoring the beauty of purity when, when it is spoken about, it is so logical?’ Man brags about adultery.  He partakes in adultery.  He calls it ‘the oldest business in the world’.  When this is spoken it is devastating to hear, especially when We know that the individuals who speak so flippantly are openly desecrating the Words The Father gave, that man was to be obedient to.

Why has mankind cast aside The Commandments The Father gave?  If mankind will but think that when These Commandments were given there was Great Reason.

Man says, ‘I live in a civilized time,’ and in the next instant man forgets this statement and acts uncivilized, immoral, and rejects What The Father Himself gave to the world.

As you know, children are not being taught God’s Commandments.  Even many men who wear clerical cloths do not practice These Commandments.

The Man who spoke to me one day was so Pure, it radiated from Him.  There was no doubt in my mind that He was Special.

This Miracle has given so much, in simple form, for everyone to understand, reminding mankind of the privilege of being man, because of the Soul that is in each man.

How can mankind be so arrogant, insolent, and defy the Laws of God in so many ways, and practice indecencies, obscenities, and justify them?

Every building, every home should have upon the wall a copy of God’s Commandments, in a place not too high for little ones to read, but a reminder that These were from God and that every human being has to obey Them.  They are the Constitution for life.  Children should learn Them but they should also learn the fullness that each one means.

This is very important, for if I had not met The Beloved One, one day, I would not be Here.  It was a Blessing, and I cannot bear to see so many Souls being lost, being disgraced, being caught up in the whirlwind of permissiveness, promiscuity, justifying it by ridiculous words; some saying, ‘The time in which we live is different.’ It is not different when sin is involved, when disobedience to God’s Commandments is involved.  So be it.”

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