ON OCTOBER 21, 1992 AT 2:02 PM


“I am Saint Irenaeus.  I have spoken many times through This Miracle, and each time I do, I find Myself wanting to say more, but I realize that I must not speak too long at one time for a few reasons; first, of course, because the one through whom I speak is at a point of physical exhaustion.

The next reason is, those who write what I speak would become exhausted.  The Messages are kept to a degree where capability is important, the physical, and of course, the Message, if It were too long would not be absorbed fully.

As I speak today, My sincere desire is to encourage mankind to evaluate his or her daily practicing of ethics, also morality.  Also, what type of example would you rate yourself at the end of the day:  indifference, caustic, sarcastic, permissive, truthful, helpful?

Mankind rarely takes a good look at his or her attitude, personality, nature; many times spends much more time looking in a mirror, or concerned over other people’s opinion of them, their importance, their talents and personal attitudes.

I have come today to talk about how God is being treated by mankind.  Is He first when you awaken in the morning?  Is He the last One you say ‘Good night’ to?  Do your actions during the day show that you have sound moral thinking, sound moral values, sound moral standards, and that you definitely have a Spiritual nature that you adhere to and that you do not mind others knowing about?  Do you radiate love for God, or do you radiate self-love?  Do you mind letting others know that God is first with you?  Do you feel they will not understand, they wouldn’t care?

You know, some small expression of yours regarding God could change the course of another individual’s life, could make them more conscious of the beauty that exudes from you when you show, in some form, your spirituality.  Some people are so afraid that they will be tagged ‘fanatical’, that they eliminate so many kind acts, so many kind words.  Think about this, for one line, maybe even a phrase, will be what the other person needed to get them on the right track.  I did not say, ‘Preach to everyone you meet.’ Most likely you would be rejected.  But I do say, ‘Live your Faith, believe it yourself, and through this you will express it in a manner others will react to it, and it will give them strength.’  So be it.”

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