ON OCTOBER 21, 1992 AT 3:20 PM


“I am Saint Jude.  Many times when mankind thinks a situation is impossible, it is not.  Many times a man or woman feels they cannot cope with what is going on.  The major situation, condition in the world today, is moral in its very essence.  I mean it is a moral issue and it can be conquered.

So many areas have taken morality and turned everything into immorality, indignities, obscenities.  There are so many issues that must be corrected, because if they are not, many Souls will become lost for all eternity.  Now when I say ‘Souls lost’, I do not mean it in the same context that some men and women would put it.  A Soul cannot go to Hell, but a portion, a part of the human being, connected to the will, could be lost forever.  Mankind says, ‘I do not understand this.’

The Real Judgment belongs to The Father.  It is a Judgment not fully understood by man, but in order to give mankind a structure, Words were given to give a definite point of understanding.

There are many men arguing the right and the wrong that comes through This Miracle.  No man in the world knows the full definition of all that man consists of.  You know you have a personality, you know you have a nature.  Do you fully understand the meaning of these two things you possess?

Intellect.  Some people are called ‘illiterate’, some are called ‘geniuses’, some are called ‘highly intelligent’, but the intellect sometimes is influenced by the liking of a particular subject, or the interest in a different subject, or the obsession of a different subject, or a particular understanding of a subject, wherein it exceeds where others understand or know.

There is another Very Important Part of mankind, the Part that is rarely spoken about, because there is not full understanding of Its Full Meaning and Its Form of Existence within each human being.  For years there has been much theory regarding the Soul.  This Miracle has given the Most Important Fact, that the Soul is a Portion of God.  There is definitely more to this Fact, but I would say that this was a Beautiful Beginning.

Let us take a human being.  First, we have an outward appearance, and sometimes from the very beginning of life there is a resistance seen.  There is gentleness seen.  Some respond to a smile.  Some show irritability, sometimes temper.

There are many, many areas of human life that mankind is trying to study, and give others not just instruction, but solving problems, due to their interpretation on what they have learned about different portions of attitude, human communication, ability to learn, ability to be socially oriented.  Many weaknesses have been closely watched, narrated upon, and some people feel they have the ability to help others conquer problems, problem areas.  Perhaps some of this has great help to a lot of people.  Sometimes just the attention that someone gets makes them feel worthwhile.

Man is a complicated Creation of God, due to the tremendous degrees of mentalities, emotions, ambitions, talents, capabilities, degrees of retention, and many other things.  Man can take a simple subject and complicate it, using all facets of learning, of understanding, of interpretation, so when it was handed through This Beautiful Miracle that ‘the Soul in each human being, given at the moment of conception, is a Portion of God,’ men became upset, confused.

My talking to you today is to alert you that God’s Love is Far Greater than any love in the world, and you must, in your way, feel assured that God is with you every moment of every day, and there is a Mystery to life.  Do not forget that love is a mystery.  There are many times love is explained in so many ways, but God’s Love for mankind is truly inexplainable.

Remember, don’t allow yourself to be so caught up in interpretation, but know that God’s Love for every human being is a Portion of Himself placed within you.  So be it.”

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