ON OCTOBER 25, 1992 AT 7:03 PM


“I am Saint Ambrose.  I have spoken through This Miracle in a Form of Teaching.  Those who listened, considered It conversation.  When I spoke, I gave Information regarding conditions that needed to be observed and changed, because of the insidious impact they were having on the personal lives of thousands of people.

Times in the world could not be termed ‘malicious’, but most certainly could be termed ‘vicious’.  There is much taking place that is totally based on satanism.  The disguise, though, is so cleverly covering the in-depth scars on mankind’s ability to see clearly what is sound morally, and definitely what is important, for mankind to understand not just the need to remember God’s Commandments, but to follow Them.

Mankind draws lines of what he will do, according to his position in life, his character, and his understanding of what is expected of him by those close to him, or those who he considers friends or acquaintances.  The line he draws is many times more self-serving, more full of personal interpretation, than what he feels he has based it on.

Many of Us Here have spoken on the desecrations, the obscenities that are being practiced by people throughout the world.  Modesty does not exist, but when it does, it is scoffed at, laughed at, and immediately not just suggested, but regarded as past morality.

If mankind were to take a scale, and on one side put a sign saying, ‘This is how much morality would weigh if all the morality in the world were placed on this scale.’ The opposite side would be immorality, and the same words would be used, declaring that all on that side would be weighed.  Now let us take and use Truth as the foundation, the basis on which all things throughout the world are divided, according to morality and immorality.  I guarantee you, the side with immorality would far outweigh the morality.

This is a terrible tragedy, a terrible neglect.  This is devastation to man’s ethics.  How can mankind truly trust each other, with so much immorality outweighing morality?

God’s Commandments must begin to appear in many places, reminding mankind of God’s Rules, and that without Them, man will not only walk in the briar patches, but will be physically, mentally, spiritually scarred in ways, by these briar patches wherein satan exists; and in the long run, the jealousy he has for mankind will show, the hate he has for mankind.  What fools mankind are, allowing themselves to be subjected to this, by ignoring God’s Commandments.

It is important that children, at very young ages, begin to be taught the Greatness of God’s Commandments, the Purpose for Them, and the Love He had and has for mankind, in giving Them to mankind, and keeping Them available since They were first given.  So be it.”

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