ON OCTOBER 26, 1992 AT 11:00 AM


“I am Saint Stephen.  Mankind will not understand the Full Beauty of This Miracle, because it is humanly unbelievable that so Many Saints would be allowed to be Part of such a personally identifiable Miracle as This One is.  First of all, man should see the logic of and for so Many of Us to speak, because of the Nature, the Purpose and the Reason for This Miracle to be released to the whole world at this time.

The release of the Revealing that ‘Saint Joseph is The Third Person of The Blessed Trinity’ encompasses the Whole Reality of Heaven and Its Goal for mankind.

Our being permitted to speak gives credence to why mankind should strive for the Goal of Sainthood, and This Miracle, in Its Delivery, including so Many Known Saints, verifies the Truth that Saint Joseph’s Place is not ordinary, but Supernaturally Extraordinary.

This Statement does not mean that other times, when an individual was chosen to be the instrument of delivering Messages, was not important.  NOT SO.  All Phenomena that is from The Father has Special Purpose and Meaning.  God’s Love for mankind supersedes any and all of what mankind can conceive and/or relate to.

I come today because of the Bound Words that are being released to the world.  When someone cannot concur or speaks out negatively, ignore this, because it means that the individual lacks a certain degree of Faith in How God would work.  He chose a little one but a strong will, because He knew nothing or no one would not be stood up to, the Truth that passes through her.

We see so many charlatans preaching under so many guises of preaching interpretively regarding Scripture.  Many of these do it for fanatical reasons, monetary, or attention.  They feel they have a calling to direct others.  Mankind, in searching for answers, Spiritual help, guidance, is many times drawn into this course of learning.  We stand by, and are sometimes very concerned of and about the listener’s interpretation.

Please understand, Faith in God is for all of mankind, and Truth, where God Is the Subject, must be nurtured by This Miracle for the benefit of the Souls of man.  God is always Present and always saying to Us, ‘Protect My children, for when You do, You protect the Soul that is of Great Importance to Me, for as You know, It is a Gift of My Love for this special Creation, man.’”

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