ON NOVEMBER 6, 1992 AT 3:26 PM


“I am Saint Agnes.  Astronomers have given much information to mankind.  They have delivered information that helps those in your time, to make decisions on things that can determine important information regarding extraordinary occurrences.

Astronomy is a subject that is not as popular as many other vocations of life.  You live in a time that what has been passed on through this subject is becoming more important, because of the invention of many new instruments that help to better understand this science.

There is a science also to Spiritual life.  There is a science that is innate in mankind, regarding the fact that there is more to life than what exists upon the earth.  The Core of this Information is directed by the Soul within each human being.  If there was no Soul, there would be no direction in spirituality.

Some men and women read books, decipher what they read, and then attempt to encourage others to believe how they have theorized what Spiritual needs each human being has.  There are many who dwell on the desire to teach Spiritual goals, but they do not have the Foundation of Truth within their knowledge to be able to fully explain, conduct, or teach the fullness that spirituality is to human life.

Man says, ‘I know there is more to life than what I see, what I feel, what I understand,’ so man picks a book up, glances through it, and arrives at no real conclusions.

This Miracle was given to the world so that mankind would better understand the Real Reason for the Creation of man, the Goal God intended for man.  It is not as complicated as man tries to make it.  It is simple, it is personal, and it is innate in man.

The subject I first mentioned is beyond many men and women’s comprehension, but God is not beyond comprehension.  Many men and women strive for popularity in several forms of life.  Some strive for knowledge.  Some strive for monetary gain.  Some strive for just satisfaction in what they do, and find pleasure in doing it well.

Through This Miracle, We have urged, encouraged all of mankind to strive for Sainthood.  It is attainable.  It is not beyond any man or woman’s reach.  There are no tedious classes to attend.  There is no reason to know astronomy.  There is no necessity to be financially wealthy.  There are no strict rules to be famous.  There is no set manner of intelligence.  Anyone can become a Saint.  The Father, in His Love for mankind, desires all to become Saints.  Many Who have walked before you, felt as many in your day feel:  getting through the day was an accomplishment, getting to a safe place was something to be thankful for.

It is time for mankind to understand more clearly, the Safest Place is Heaven, and It is available to everyone born to the world.  So be it.”

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