ON NOVEMBER 11, 1992 AT 7:25 AM


“I am Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque.  Mankind looks to The Sacred Heart of Jesus for comfort, for understanding, for favors.

Mankind depends upon the beating heart of his or her own human body to keep life, understanding, and abilities to live each day in the world of mankind.  A heart says many things.  It is referred to as ‘love’, ‘hope’.  A heart is a continuously active portion of man’s life.

The Father, in His Divine Love for mankind, instilled Another Living Portion in every human conception, and that is the Soul.  Just as the beating heart of the human body means life exists, mankind must understand that the Soul is an Important Living Portion that is affected by man’s moral actions, thoughts, example, understanding of the Existence of God, and the Importance of returning this Soul to Him at a given time.

Man is a sensitive creation, and each an independent creation of The Father’s Will.  It is sad to see so much desecration on moral issues where the Soul is concerned.  Man says, ‘My heart beats with love for you,’ when he or she feels emotional in a human relationship.  He or she does not say this regarding any other unit in the body’s makeup, but when man ignores that Definite Connection, Association with his or her Creator, it leaves a void of communication and it opens the door to much impurity of mind and body.

As the Soul is a Living Portion of God, It must not be ignored, misunderstood or rejected as to Its Importance, Its Reality, Its Purpose, Its Goal.  All of mankind must understand that as he or she depends upon the pumping of his or her heart, there is even a More Important Living Portion within each one, that belongs to God.

Some might think this a strange Message, but this is an Important One, because many learned men and women place so much dependence on the human body that they will not accept the Ultimate Gift of Love, of Life, God has placed within them.  Many believe there is a Life Hereafter.  Then, is it not logical that It (the Soul) cannot be an organ of the human body, but must be a Supernatural Entity that is closely associated with every individual who has been given the Gift of human life for a Specific Purpose?  So be it.”

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