ON NOVEMBER 12, 1992 AT 3:45 PM


“I am Saint Aloysius.  Many times those who study to follow the vocation of the Priesthood are influenced by their instructors and by the books they are told they must read.  Many times their Gift of Faith hangs in the balance, because they omit the necessity for a personal feeling, a personal love, a personal desire to seek for themselves, to develop an individuality to their practicing Faith in God.  They become dominated by what they have learned and the structure of the organization to which they are so closely connected.

Many times when I would kneel before the Crucifix, I would try to understand such an Ultimate Sacrifice.  I would try to understand the fullness of the Sacrifice, and if I was capable of not a comparable sacrifice, but a sacrifice in which I could totally dedicate my mind, my body, my life, my desires.  As I would kneel, I would pray for strength.  As I looked about me, I would wonder if those around me had a tremendously greater degree of Faith than I did.  I felt I loved God.  I felt my vocation was what was for me.  The more I thought about it, the more I desired to be able to express myself in my attitude, my actions, my talking, my directions.

You live in a time that is called ‘a modern world’, and so many in your time are searching for human pleasures, accepting human weaknesses, and truly not looking into what life was given for, what its Purpose was intended for, and of course, there is so much self-love, self-determination.  I see some who look at the Crucifix and to them It is just a Figure that they cannot relate to because It is of the past.

The Father, in your time, has sent a Great Miracle of Instruction, of Explanation, of Direction, of Teaching, to give all of mankind the benefit of better understanding the Importance of human life, the Reason for human life, and what a Tremendous Gift of Love human life is.

The next time you look at a Crucifix, remember It was not just a sacrifice by a man who had no choice at that time, but It was a Sacrifice of Divine Love, Divine Hope.  There was much Purpose, much Reason to This Sacrifice, and as you think about It, remember one thing:  the crowd stood back and let it happen.

You have a Great Miracle to lean on and to learn from, and through What you have learned, you can better understand the Goal The Father has for you in the way of man.  The crowds who stood in terror when He hung upon the Cross, did not have what you have.  You have been taught what you are all about, the beauty of human life, the purpose for prayer, its full significance, and the Treasure you have within you, the Soul.

There is so much yet to be taught and millions to be reached by This Miracle.  One Teaching would not be sufficient.  That is why you have been handed hundreds of Words of Instruction, thousands really.

Nothing in the world is worth the sacrifice of your Soul for.  Remember These Words.  So be it.”

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