ON NOVEMBER 14, 1992 AT 8:15 PM


“I am Saint Andrew.  Many times when I speak through This Miracle, I do not say all the things that I would like to have put in print for millions of people to read, because the human body through which I speak could not tolerate such lengthy Messages at one given time.

Tonight as I speak, I hold a very tired child of The Father, for she has just endured a lengthy conversation with an individual so dedicated to a form of vocation that follows in the Footsteps of The Son of God.

My Message tonight is for mankind to stand strong against all the odds that are being used to defy This Beautiful Miracle, trying to cause It to be defenseless against such odds.  Solid Truth, Solid Logical Facts are difficult for mankind to accept, because they have been trained to accept without question, interpretations of Spiritual Facts that have not been complete in structure or in content.

This Miracle, in Its Sound Logic, has created controversy in some areas, but I, Saint Andrew say, ‘The Strength in the Truth, in the Logic, that has been revealed through This Miracle, will eventually find Its place in History, and in the thinking, in the acceptance of millions throughout the world, because Sound Logic is evident in the Revealings, even though at this time They defy the preceding interpretations.’

Many of Us Here have used the obedience of a small one in the world because the logic was so evident, and the necessity for strength to be shown could not be questioned.

The number is limitless who will shout out loud, ‘The Soul is not a Portion of God.’ I, Saint Andrew say, ‘This statement is ridiculous, because you are looking at God, comparing Him to your physical limitations, physical structure of being, and seeing Him on a scale of a limited degree.’

God is a Mystery.  Man cannot, in the human mind, decide that it is impossible for the Soul to be a Portion of The Father.  This concept is ridiculous.  Man uses the Statement in such a personal, literal degree.

It is also important that mankind understand, though much has been taught regarding The Heavenly Mother’s Existence, and certain stories revealed pertaining to Her regarding what made Her so Special, and different facets of Her physical life, brought Her into a vacuum wherein mankind held Her, because the human mind was forced to accept, through theology, interpretation, and man’s comfortable state of understanding Her, holding all things in a place, in a manner, that was forced to be understood for centuries.

I cannot help but wonder how many in the past would have stood strong in the responsibility and in the obedience, to be the Victim Soul of the New Revealings that have passed through This Miracle of Hope, of Love, of Truth, giving mankind more strength, more in-depth knowledge to better understand that mankind was created as a Special Gift of Divine Love, to share with God more than human life, but Life with Him to a degree, in a way, that mankind could not truly fully comprehend, yet have Something of Greatness to look forward to.

My Words are meant to be handed to millions.  They are not to be locked up, but are to spread to all corners of the world.  So be it.”

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