ON NOVEMBER 23, 1992 AT 12:35 PM


“I am Saint Bartholomew.  As usual, there are Several present Where I am, All ready to speak through this small instrument in the world.

Many men who have worked for degrees in theology and many other professional areas of life, some doctors, some in the legal field, some who have had the experience to personally invent items of great worth, must read All that has been spoken, that has been put in print, because there is no one living or who will be born in the future, who should not have access to the Deliberate Instructions that have been given to teach mankind the Importance of human life and the Purpose for which it was created.

In the time that Many of Us lived, We did not have a Beautiful Miracle such as This One, present in the time in which you live.  We sometimes discuss this amongst Ourselves, because We fully realize what a Great Gift The Father has given to mankind, elaborating on the importance of purity, morality, understanding, so that mankind can return the Soul to God in a state of purity.  Some men throughout the world say, ‘This would be an impossibility because of the desecrations, the humanism, that have become so much a part of acceptance for all races, all colors, all creeds.’

Sometimes We hear mankind say: ‘Past Spiritual History is not for us.  We live in a modern atmosphere and our lives are more constructive, more liberal, and in many ways it is important for us to relate humanistic values so that others will be more apt to be companionable with us, and we will not act superior to their way of thinking, to their manner of living, or their rules of moral values and moral standards.’ Let Me say this: ‘Satan is evident in so much of this type of theory; he wants you to please man and omit God from your daily practices in living.’

As it has been said before, there has never been a Miracle of This Degree given to mankind so personally.  We have talked about speaking through a Victim Soul.  This is the clearest way to describe the voice We use to reach you.

Human life has been Blessed with a Soul.  The Soul is the Foundation, the Basis for one’s desire to see the Importance of truth, purity of mind, body and example.  You cannot see another human being’s Soul.  In many ways this is good, for mankind has a way of instinctively having an opinion or a desire to speak openly regarding what he or she sees or is aware of.

The Soul is a Hidden Treasure in every human being.  It is a Gift of Divine Light, Divine Enlightenment, Divine Love, Divine Hope, Divine Security, Divine Goal.  No human being has the ability to create or take away the Soul in another human being.

There is so much that mankind has learned about this Precious Gift that The Father has placed within each human being at the moment of conception.  It is a Special Gift that nothing else in the world is given at any time.  Protect It well, and always remember, your human life is special, for in it you have been given abilities no other living thing has been given.  You also have been given a Gift of understanding that there is a Higher Supreme Being that holds all things in place.  This is called ‘the Gift of Faith’, but such a Gift has no reward unless it is cherished, nourished, and is constantly protected for the purpose in which it was instilled at that perfect moment of conception.

When you are aware that an individual is ill or is the victim of a serious problem, many times you innately know that there is Someone you can go to for help.  This is your manner of saying you believe in the Strength and the Power of God.  If you did not have a Soul, you would not have Faith in God.  Remember This Important Statement, and each time you pray a small prayer or a long prayer, keep in mind, it passes through your Soul to Him.

Be sure This Message is revealed to millions outside this room.  It might be the Spark of Hope, the Spark of Light, the Spark of Enlightenment, that will save an individual’s Soul.  So be it.”

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