ON NOVEMBER 24, 1992 AT 3:15 PM


“I am Saint Elizabeth.  I have spoken so much in many of the Teachings that have passed through this Gift of Life, of Enlightenment, to all races of people, for all colors of people, instructing all creeds in the world.

As I speak, I speak with a mother’s love, because children in My day were very important, and this has not changed in any manner of living, up to your day.  There is the birth, there is the caring, there is the protection, there is the teaching, there is the direction.

There is the importance of time with them, alerting them to what is right, what is wrong, where they are vulnerable, how they should address their elders, how they should fully understand what is sound authority, what vocation would be the best; also, finding out through their speech, their emotions, how they feel inwardly regarding morals, values, standards, hopes, ideals, and what type of friendships appeal to them.  What degree of understanding do they have regarding life, when they are on their own?

There are millions of children throughout the whole world who are being denied such interest, such sincere direction.

How many children do you know that say: ‘Yes, I believe in God, but I don’t have a feeling.  What feeling am I supposed to have toward Him?’ I, Saint Elizabeth, would say to all adults: ‘It is important that your example radiate your Faith in God, and your manner of open prayer that is obvious, because in seeing this there is strength indescribable but obvious, because there is no shame in showing that one has dependence upon, love for, and humility, regarding an openness where The Father is concerned.’

This mound of soil upon which you stand has strength in it, purpose for it, and in its very presence says ‘Hope’, without the Word even being spoken.

I discussed monuments before.  Monuments are many different things.  Some are plaques.  Some are walls.  Some show a name.  You are familiar with statues.  You are familiar with a shrine.  You are familiar with a building that says ‘Within here God resides.’

For years, many, The Father has directed many Teachings, Some informal, Some formal, to be delivered to the whole world, so that no one would be left out in the full understanding of the Importance of human life, and really, what it is all about.

A child is born.  The child is helpless.  It takes others to feed the child, clothe the child, take care of the physical, and in many ways, serve in a diligent manner for some time, this human being that will one day be doing this for another.

This Miracle has taught the Importance of that Precious Gift from God that will live on forever.  It’s called ‘a Soul’.  For thousands of years mankind has been aware that man is a Special Design.  Man is important because of Something inward, not just intellect, not just what some men would call ‘brawn’, but there is a Delicate Portion innately felt by those who look at a newborn child.

Human life is a Treasure.  The will is a Blessing; the conscience, a very important asset to a way of life, to the decisions in life.

As I speak today it is with a Deep Love, because I am fully aware of all the work that has been accomplished in many areas of this Precious Gift from God, and now it is time to spread Monuments throughout the world, to filter into places you have never heard of, you will never go, but remember one thing:  there is a Soul waiting for This Monument to arrive, waiting for This Monument to be read, so that the individual who reads the Words will be struck by the Meaning, and will find hope, strength, perseverance, and a deep understanding of the Purity of The Father’s Love, the Generosity of The Father, for passing on to them This Enlightenment, into not just the mind, but for the protection of the Soul inside.

I bless you, My little ones, because We read your hearts, We know what you think.  Your prayers are heard, and the strength that you have within you is a strength to help you deliver the Monuments, for the sake of all mankind throughout the world.  So be it.”

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