ON NOVEMBER 26, 1992 AT 12:25 PM


“I am Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque.  There is much celebration today because of what others did a long time ago.  One day is set aside, for mankind to remember that time.

In reality, mankind has the privilege to celebrate every day because of a Special Time in History.  This time I speak of has, in reality, far greater Importance than this day today.

Mankind has lost sight of what The Sacred Heart gave for mankind’s ability to see the Magnitude of Christianity, the Importance of It, and Its Full Significance.  I do not say mankind should not celebrate, but I do say the privilege granted to man to partake in a Personal Celebration each day with God Himself, is in many ways passed off as ordinary, and not seen in the Full Meaning that It is.

It is important that mankind recognize what is happening to the moral attitudes, understanding, privilege, and fully recognizing the Gift of God’s Commandments that will never be out of date, will never be out of print, will never be cast aside, because They are the Groundwork that man has to use to not just bury, not just cast aside, but to stop all the demoralizing actions, thinking and example that is so prevalent throughout the world.

As The Heart of Jesus beats with Love for mankind, it is because of the Soul within each human life.  No age has preference; all human beings were created with a Soul.  This Gift of Divine Life is Something to celebrate, to nourish, to care about, to treasure, and to never forget Its Full Significance.

When I lived upon the earth, and I had that great Gift of Divine Communication, the responsibility of It was sometimes so overpowering, because of realizing the Importance of God’s Love being demonstrated through a portion of human life, recognizable because it is a portion of man that beats with the flow of human life.

I have spoken much through this Gift of Divine Grace and I am ever ready to be obedient whenever The Father Wills I speak.  So be it.”

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