ON NOVEMBER 27, 1992 AT 1:51 PM


“I am Saint John of The Cross.  Man is aware of the tremendous force of power that exists in the oceans and other large areas of water.  This is a destructive power when it is released by certain elements.  It is also a power that is able to supply mankind with certain important aids.  The power of this water is often discussed because of its magnitude of pressure and its ability to move quickly, without warning to man.

There are other powers evident in the world:  God’s Power.  His Power holds all things in place.  It is a Power that He is in total control of.  His Power holds the universe together.  There is no greater power than God’s.  The enemy tries desperately to imitate His Power.  The enemy of God and of man has the power to do certain things, but his power is minute to the Power of God.  This so-called fallen angel uses man’s immorality to show his power.  He uses weaknesses of man.  He uses what man would call an ‘intrepid manner’, to violate man’s willingness to seek, to use, and to follow all that is good.

There has been so much taught in this Treasure of God’s Love for mankind, called ‘The Miracle of Hope’, through Its consistency, Its constancy, to speak, to direct, to encourage, to show balance in human activity, behavior, example, obedience to God’s Rules, sensitivity to others’ disabilities, incapabilities.

There are so many Words for positive thinking that have poured through and still do, so that if one reads one Phrase and does not see a personal Instruction from It, there is no question, no doubt, that somewhere in All the Teachings, every individual who takes the time to look at the Words, read the Words, concentrate on What has been spoken, the results will be monumental morally, spiritually.

We speak through This Miracle at any given moment during man’s day.  All is not written, but much is verbally taught.  Many have been present during much Instruction, but in a weak moment, found that It would change the course of their life, and they found this difficult, because they did not see the Importance, nor the fulfillment that It would grant them, to give their life more meaning, more happiness.

Many would say, ‘Why would Heaven come with so much when we already have the foundation on what is expected of us?’ Let Me say this: ‘It is being done because of the need for more Complete Instruction, for more thorough understanding of what The Father wants mankind to be more understanding of, regarding the Importance of human life.’  So be it.”

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