ON NOVEMBER 29, 1992 AT 5:19 PM


“I am Saint Bartholomew.  The educational emphasis is in so many ways debilitating to the mental acumen of the young.  There is so much emphasis on issues that cause too much concentration on personal emotions, personal weaknesses, personal involvements and personal practices that rob the young of the ability, the interest, and the practice of developing their mental prowess on ways, manners, issues and directions that will strengthen their mentality to structure their motives, goals, on developing not just ordinary ways, but giving them goals to reach that will give leadership in the world, rather than catering to a lower practice of moral and mental development.

There are many who are taking the young and trying to direct their Spiritual aims, development and practices, on unsound, immoral, impractical forms of life.  God is being tossed around according to the instructor’s beliefs or the instructor’s desires for experience, personal challenges and control.  When man strives to have power over other human beings, it many times is based on insufficient strengths on moral behavior, moral judgment, and lack of self-esteem.

I, Saint Bartholomew, say: ‘It is important for every child born to the world to be taught balance, to be taught interest in how to love God, God’s Reality in the world, God’s Association with the individual, and then to use this basic knowledge to show the beauty of the intellect, the practicality of the intellect, and the sharing of this that God openly does, through the ability of choice in the will.’

A young person must be taught that they have a conscience, and this conscience is a direct line to God, because through this conscience their will responds, and God is the Receiver of all decisions through this Gift of the will.

A child, for the most part, admires the truth that he or she hears, sees, or is instructed in.  It is automatic in most, unless there is a physical impairment of some sort.  There are so many lessons that children would absorb if they but had the chance to hear them, hear about them.

Many times a young person is underestimated regarding that Inner Portion of him or her, the Soul.  The Soul is like a little sponge.  The Soul absorbs all things.  The Soul beats with The Heart called ‘The Sacred Heart’, and what a tragedy it is when there is something improper, indecent, immoral, impure, that interferes with this Precious Gift of Divine Love.

There is so much to be given to the young.  I do not limit the age range, year, for some young can be an older age, for there is no time in life that mankind is stopped from absorbing, learning something about God.  So be it.”

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