ON DECEMBER 2, 1992 AT 12:17 PM


“I have not spoken openly very much through this Beautiful Gift of Divine Love, that is being given to the world when mankind is acting out so distastefully, so immoral, against all that is good, that is pure, that is pleasing to The Father.

I have given many Lessons through This Miracle, teaching spontaneously to the unsuspecting listeners, Words that sounded like normal conversations, because I knew that at that time the individuals were not ready to accept a Formal Deliverance, so I allowed it to appear as normal conversation, instruction.  Now I come openly, formally.  I am Saint Ignatius.

There are many times We listen to individuals who are given a slight touch of what passes through this Gift of Divine Love for the benefit of Souls.  They hear a line saying This is occurring.  I can give you their questions:

What’s it all about?

How is it being done?

Who is it from?

What’s being said?

Why haven’t we heard about it?

Who is doing it?

How do you know about it?

Does the church know?

What do the priests say?

Where is this place at?

Is it really true?

If so, why haven’t I heard about it before?

It’s difficult to believe that in our day God would give one person so much.

Where can I go to see it?

How do I get in touch?

It’s difficult for me to believe it.

We hear all this and it is sadness to Us, for so much has been kept under cover.  The Order has been given.  The world must receive It and millions must believe It, before it is too late for many Souls to be saved.

It is difficult for some to believe We All stand Here, ready to speak, but Truth many times has such impact that it can change the course of a life.  It can change the course of an individual’s love.  It can change the course of where an individual wants to be, wants to understand.

Mankind is struggling for Truth.  Mankind is starving for logical goals of living, something far greater than is offered now by those in charge, by those who have accepted the task of teaching, instructing, regarding the Spiritual Living Part of each human being.  Man says loosely: ‘Why bother?  There are so many “doubting Thomases” out there.’ I say: ‘Wait a minute, do you read minds?  Do you read what the Souls are saying to The Father?  Are you so wise in Supernatural Ways?’

It is important that mankind be instructed by the Bound Words, and of course, by the Spoken Words.  Many times, when One of Us Here speaks, We watch the recipient, and One of Our Lines through this little one suddenly shows that the other individual has a spark of new hope, confidence, feels stronger about their own abilities.  We see it wipe out a fear of criticism.  We see it compliment their appearance.  We see them feel differently about their work.  We see hope.

She knows We are speaking and It is all in a natural communication.  As she departs with Our Words, We oftentimes hear her say, ‘I hope I did the job well, for do not forget, I know Who is speaking, I know the responsibility,’ and the little one or the little ones that are left standing there, or are walking away, do not know Who they have just heard speak in such a natural way.

I want to let you know she does not get credit for What was spoken.  Mankind is not like this, because basically mankind is self-centered and forgets when aid is given, and uses the situation as a personal thought, understanding.  We always smile at this, for What We have spoken would have been the furthest thing from that individual’s mind, but there is hope for everyone in many ways, many times, through This Beautiful Miracle of Divine Love.  So be it.”

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