ON DECEMBER 3, 1992 AT 1:50 PM


“I am Saint Jude Thaddeus.  We listen to everything that mankind speaks about.  We smile many times because We, too, walked a human role, and our natures, our personalities, our sense of humor, our likes and our dislikes, were part of our daily living because of our interaction with other human beings.

Remember that when The Son of God walked the earth and many gathered around Him, they all had the same ways in life that you have in your time, in your actions with each other, likes and dislikes; and humor, many times, got out of control for a short time.

Human life has so many beautiful areas to it, possibilities to it, and so much advantage when one learns to direct the mind, the intentions, the actions, to better understand that in this variety of the human makeup, God can be the Center.  When this is evident, everything gives a depth of happiness, many times inexplainable.

As Many of Us speak through This Beautiful Miracle, We can relate in a personal way to many areas of human life.  That is why the Beautiful Lessons delivered through This Miracle Of Saint Joseph radiate a Deep Love for man’s ability to hold God’s Will close, and to desire to fit into daily life much to please Him, for the benefit of one’s Soul.

Many times, when We see certain areas where men, women and children are never taught about the importance of happiness and that there are ways to find it, also they are never taught about the Soul, they are ignorant of Its Existence, this is poverty beyond man’s conception.  These individuals should be prayed for, to encourage God to send them a Sign or Signs, so they will get to know Him and they will learn about the Soul.

So many are sent overseas, over waters, to teach, to aid, to supply other human beings, but there is always evidence of the inability to reach as many as should be reached.  Man says, ‘I pray.’ I say: ‘Do you pray for others in a sincere way?  Do you pray for the Souls that have been separated from the bodies?  Do you remember the importance, that through your prayers, through your unselfishness, you are giving aid to a Soul, to an individual you are not standing next to, but your act of charity knows no bounds?’

Remember what I have said, and give This Teaching to many, many others, for It may touch a spark of not just interest, not just concern, but a spark of dedication that is so desperately needed for many throughout the world.  So be it.”

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