ON DECEMBER 5, 1992 AT 7:05 PM


“It would be difficult for mankind to understand the Full Magnitude of This Miracle that now exists for the benefit of all people throughout the world.

I have come on this night to help you and others understand that This Miracle is possible because All Words Are From Me, Through My Power, Through All Who Speak.  I am The Holy Spirit of God, and All that has been given, has been delivered on and in the Power of the Force of Wind that travels, never seen, rarely ever heard.  Only a few have heard the Wind that surrounds Me and that I use constantly.

Mankind oftentimes imagines Spiritual experiences, but as I gather you together on this night in your time, I am revealing to you a Very Special Piece of Information that is of a Particular Truth, and a Lesson in how This Great Miracle is and has been so direct, so explicit in so much Instruction.

It is through the Power of My Way that Moses was able to receive the Full Meaning of all Details that he was to deliver, and it is this Same Power that has been the Driving Force to see that The Commandments of God were able to still be available in your time of life.

Mankind talks about the spirit of living, the spirit of hope, the spirit of forgiving.  The word ‘spirit’ is used in many human descriptions.  It usually is meant to express something living, something active, something that is perpetuating an action, an attitude, a drive, an issue, and many other things.  This type of spirit often has sound to it, reaction, and is noticeable.

I come as The Holy Spirit of God, to confirm All that has been spoken through this Precious Gift of Divine Love.  When you hear the wind that is part of the earthly forms of changes in atmosphere or weather, no one must ever confuse this with My Existence, as I sometimes allow this Victim Soul to hear the Wind of My Power.  It is not a natural occurrence.  It is done to give her small body the strength needed to endure the Force of energy needed to be able to speak What she is Commanded to speak, and have written What she is Commanded to have written.

This time is comparable to three thousand of man’s years ago.  As so much was passed to Moses, Volumes have been passed through this Victim Soul, so mankind can be reassured that God has not abandoned man, but is constantly and consistently Instructing, Correcting, Teaching in a very Personal Way, because of the Importance of each one’s Soul.

As I have spoken before, regarding how We use her, the Power passes through her Soul, the intellect, and then the vocal area, so It can be released exactly How It is Willed by The Father to be heard and then to be written.

Millions of Words, not thousands, have passed through her speech for many, many years.  The listeners were rarely, sometimes never, aware of the Source from Where the Words, the Lessons, the Instructions, the Decisions had originated.  It was necessary to do it this way, for many would not have been able to handle such Phenomena.

When the time came and the Formal Announcement was made, it was done in a manner and with a Name, that those who had sound, deep Faith could relate to and could understand.  Now so much has been released, and it is time for mankind to understand how it is done, from Where It Comes, and the manner in which it is able to occur.

Mankind says, ‘What is a Victim Soul?’ I will put it in an ordinary term: ‘It is One in which total obedience is a never ending, never questionable thought; also, full acceptance of the responsibility, without one moment of any question.’

I add to this:  Your Faith in God is a Gift of Divine Love.  How you live with it, how you develop it, is through your desire, your conscience, and your will.

It would be difficult for many in the world to understand This Type of Wording, because they have not been confronted with such a personal association.  That is why it is so important for so many Lessons, Teachings, Revelations, to be passed to the whole world.

Man sometimes says, ‘I have Faith.’ What he does not say is:  in what, to what degree, and what is its goal?

I know I must stop now, for you see, I could talk through this child without any stop, until she would fall to the ground, not just from exhaustion, but from the Magnitude of the Power I use through her to reach you.  So be it.”

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