ON DECEMBER 12, 1992 AT 8:49 PM


“I am Saint Bartholomew.  I have spoken many times through this Precious Gift of God’s Love for all of mankind.  Our Instructions, Our Directions are not just to encourage, but to define what is best for the Soul of every man, woman and child.  Millions, of all races, all colors, all creeds, must read what so Many Here have given, because there is a great need for all of mankind to see, to understand, and to be ever mindful of that Special Portion of Divine Love that is present within every human being.

Up to this time, in the History of Spiritual Direction, much has been delivered to mankind, instructing in the necessity for purity, decency, respect, and the necessity to protect their way of life from all the evil that exists.  Even though much has passed in Teaching and Instruction, the enemy of God and man is prevalent throughout the world, using every means of intervention, intercession, to destroy the sound moral values and sound moral standards that pertain to God’s Commandments.

Man says: ‘I pray, I go to church, but don’t forget, I have to face life every day, I have to face the conditions that are not always palatable, nor are they morally sound.  It’s just the way the world is, that I live in.’ I, Saint Bartholomew say, ‘This is but an excuse for allowing one’s self to fall into the trap that in so many ways permits obvious immoral practices, whether they be of the mind, body, or just intention.’ Sometimes an excuse is justified because of the circumstances, either socially, in the workplace, or just in a casual act or meeting with another individual or individuals.

Let us together look at some of The Commandments and see, by obeying Them, by practicing Them, by using Them openly, what a tremendous effect this would have on one’s own life and the lives of many other people.

A few words to remember, to aid one, are these:  respect, appearance, actions, wording, and leadership, no matter what station in life one is involved in.

The next thing is the practice of cleanliness, one’s appearance, one’s speech, one’s obvious motives, one’s interpretation of what the surroundings depict.

Another one is to practice truth, because in truth there is strength for everyone involved.  It expresses courage and it bears openly, in so many ways, hope.  Truth can have many facets to it.  It can show in many ways, for it carries with it dignity of purpose, standards, values, ethics, and spirituality.

Man sometimes says, ‘Sometimes truth is so blunt.’ He or she forgets that the manner in which it is spoken has a great deal to do with how it is reacted to.  There are so many ways to be good influence and a strengthening force to lead others on a path beneficial for the Salvation of their Soul.

All of Us Here speak as often as We can, in many ways to encourage mankind to not walk with blinders on, but to open their mind and their will to be obvious in example to everyone they live with, they work with, they are socially involved with, or just in occasional meetings.

Some men, in reading This will say, ‘I understand what has been spoken,’ and We say, ‘It is Our Hope you will practice it.’  So be it.”

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