ON DECEMBER 14, 1992 AT 4:04 PM


“Mankind, in religious circles, talks about The Spirit of God.  It is recognized, but It is not truly, fully understood.  The Spirit of God is a Means and a Manner that is within the Soul of every living human being.  The ones who understand this the most are those who have learned, been instructed in the Existence of One, True God.  In this knowledge, it is innate in mankind to understand, to a degree, that God is a Supreme Being, and not fully understood in His Entirety.

The Spirit of God is referred to as ‘The Holy Spirit’, because it is understood to reflect in Its Presence an innate hope for Life Hereafter.  The Holy Spirit is the Connection between God and man.  In many ways, It is the Comfort, the Closeness, the Reality of there being Something or Someone that draws human life to the Supernatural Existence.

This Miracle and All Its Words, All Its Instructions, have passed through this small instrument on and in and through The Holy Spirit of God.  There are yet so many Lessons to be taught, so much Information to be delivered.

Be aware that as you walk the human role, you have the benefit of knowing that your intellect, in understanding this Closeness with God, can be a driving force to give you the encouragement, the strength to become a Great Saint.  So be it.”

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