ON DECEMBER 15, 1992 AT 9:00 PM


“There is an urgency for All that We have given to be delivered to mankind, in places throughout the world that most people would not think of.  The urgency is because of the desperate need for men of all races, all colors, all creeds, to be informed of why human life was created.

In this Creation there was a Divine Purpose, not fully understood by mankind in any era of time, but This Miracle has substantiated and developed the Profound Reasoning of The Father’s Will, and has delivered This Purpose for mankind to read and to find sound reasoning to follow God’s Commandments.

Many of Us Saints were born in different areas of the world, but as We join together to work for The Father from Here, it is a privilege beyond human comprehension.

The Souls of all human beings want desperately to return from Where They began.  Many thousands of men, women and children must learn All We have spoken.  The Father, through This Miracle, has Commanded Us to participate and help mankind understand the Importance of why human life was created, and why each human conception was instilled with that Precious Gift of Divine Love.  So be it.”

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