ON DECEMBER 26, 1992 AT 8:33 PM


“I am Saint Boniface.  I have not spoken many times in a formal manner through This Beautiful Miracle The Father has given to the whole world.  I must say though, I have had the privilege to be instrumental in much of the Instilling in this little instrument of The Father’s, wherein Lessons were taught spontaneously and for Specific Purposes.

So much has been given regarding man’s responsibility for the Salvation of the Soul.  Mankind’s interpretation of this Generous Gift of Divine Love is difficult for mankind to fully understand, or even grasp Its Manner of Being.  My sincere request to mankind is not to take the Statement that the Soul is a Portion of God in such a literal association to human flesh, but to respect The Father’s Manner of allowing something beyond man’s comprehension to be What the Soul is.

There are so many subjects that have not been properly delivered through all the writings of the past.  So many things have been misinterpreted because of the translations.  I am not saying that what has been learned is wrong or false, but the full definition is now becoming clearer and more in a concept that mankind can feel closer to.

So much has been spoken regarding that Special Gift of Divine Love, because The Father wants mankind to realize and to feel that Personal Association with Him, because man was created for a Specific Reason, Purpose and Union, defined only as Divine Love in Its Full Essence.

There are so many things yet to be revealed to give mankind further understanding of the Closeness man is to God, and God to man.  So be it.”

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