ON DECEMBER 26, 1992 AT 9:02 PM


“I am Saint Dominic.  Mankind relates to a certain type of prayer or request in prayer when he thinks, or she thinks of My Name.  At this time All of Us Here in the Heavens feel it is important for mankind to pray in the manner they feel most comfortable with, and also to remember that We hear all prayers that man decides to speak, to think silently with, because We are All in a service to help everyone, in every way The Father Wills it to be done.

Prayer is an important communication because prayer says there is Faith in God, there is an understanding between the individual and The Creator of All Things.

Prayer is somewhat like conversation.  Some might say, ‘It is so one-sided,’ but this is only because man does not hear Our Response, or feel results of requests immediately.  All of Us Here, The Saints, passed through the human life and are in full understanding of how mankind feels in all areas of need, hurts, troubled times, and regarding decisions in many issues of daily living.

When you pray, speak it as you feel it, and trust that you have been heard.  Your prayer is your Act of Faith.  Your trust is important, because it means you believe that there is a union in your prayer with Divine Love, Divine Intervention.  Never forget that as you pray, when you pray, there is always Someone or Many of Us listening.

I bless you with a Love not fully understandable to you, but I, Saint Dominic say: ‘Trust this Communication We have, for each time you pray your Soul is closely connected and your Soul finds great happiness in your Act of Faith, your Act of Hope, your Act of Love.  There is more strength in prayer because, through prayer, your Soul is definitely involved.’ So be it.”

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