ON JANUARY 1, 1993 AT 2:30 PM


“I am Saint Paul of The Cross.  This Particular and Special Miracle that has been given to the whole world is for the good of all Souls of all of mankind.  The Father, in giving This Miracle, had a Special Reason, a Special Purpose, and that was and is for all of mankind to understand and to realize that human life is special, and has a Special Goal for it to continue, through that Divine Gift, the Soul.

Man says, ‘I cannot see the Soul I hear about.’ True, but man, in his intellect, in his understanding that human life is a Special form of life and obviously had a Special Goal for it, the more We have taught through This Miracle regarding the Importance of the Soul, the more We see mankind beginning to open up in their thinking regarding this Gift of Divine Love.  Human life, to these people, has more Purpose, more Reality for its existence and in its existence.

The Soul is not a piece of flesh as man knows flesh to be.  The Soul is a Special Entity of The Father’s, impossible for mankind to fully understand, but not impossible for mankind to believe in Its existence.  If there was no Soul attached to human life, man would not have an inward feeling or a belief called ‘Faith’, that there is more to human life than what mankind sees in the physical form.

Many learned men try, in many ways, to seek forms of modernization to update man’s belief in a Supernatural Power, but for the most part, they are what man would call ‘grasping at straws’ because of their lack of sound Spiritual ability, because through the modernization they omit a very practical understanding regarding the Importance of human life, and because it is so important, and because within the intellect it is innate to believe that human life is a Miracle of Divine Light.

So Many of Us Here have spoken with so much Instruction, so much emphasis on the Existence of the Soul.  The Soul is the Foundation of Understanding of a Higher Being.  The Soul is the Connecting Link between God and man.

As it has been said before, ‘We are All ready to speak through This Miracle of Divine Love.’ Millions must receive the Words.  The Father is depending on the Bound Words to reach all corners of the earth, to give mankind of all races, all colors, all creeds, what He wants them to understand regarding this Special Gift of His Divine Love, and that the Goal of This Gift is Sainthood for all time to come.  So be it.”

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