ON JANUARY 1, 1993 AT 6:01 PM


“I am Saint Thomas Aquinas.  Historically, those in high places made rules for others to live by, to live in accord with, and to be ruled by, in many areas of life.  Historically, the personalities of those who made laws, their integrity, their opinions, many times their selfishness, and many times to satisfy their own ambitions, the laws were not just submitted but put in such a way that everyone was accountable to those laws, because of from whom those laws were made, as edicts to be followed.

I have spoken much through This Miracle called ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’.  I did not always announce My Name because many times it was not necessary, due to circumstances or due to those with whom the conversation was with.  So much has been spoken about the turmoil, the contradictions in the world, where morals are concerned, where man’s laws, in some ways, have become less supportive of God’s Commandments.

It is necessary for mankind to make changes, to correct wrongs, or to correct things that need improvement, but there is so much indifference in the past years to sound spirituality, where sound values, sound standards, sound ethics are a subject for concern, consideration, observation, and looked at for better understanding regarding the upholding of the codes related to The Commandments of God.

Mankind, in these past years, has become more and more involved in destructive measures that are accepted, because man can find no solutions to eliminate the destruction that is occurring, to eliminate the passages from which so many heresies are passing and being accepted, and where immorality is discussed, and to many, impossible to correct.

Man has forgotten a very important issue.  He has forgotten that idolatry of wrong, submission to wrong, can be corrected.  It just takes looking at a scale that is showing good on one side, evil on the other side, and then looking at all that is involved in the evil, basically to corrupting the mind and the body of human life, and then looking at the scale where the good is being weighed and seeing the value of soundness in goodness, in what is right, what moral actions can be used to make this scale weigh so heavy that it goes to the bottom, and without a doubt, outweighs the evil.

All it takes is man’s decision to stop the greed, stop the obsession with freedom to act immorally, no matter what the cost, no matter what the price to the Soul.  Mankind, for the most part, has become oblivious to being the custodian of a Special Gift of Divine Love, the Soul.  I have heard many say, ‘If I can’t see It, how can I worry about It?’ This is not just sadness, it is a disgrace to all that God has given mankind to support the evidence of mankind possessing Something Special.

Why would God have given mankind The Commandments to live by?  It was an Act of Love beyond man’s understanding, and They have remained consciously, or unconsciously, for what man calls ‘three thousand years’.  These Commandments are to be spread throughout the world like an alarm going off saying: ‘Wake up.  God is reminding you to remember what you are all about.’ So be it.”

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