ON JANUARY 1, 1993 AT 6:52 PM


“I am Saint Charles Borromeo.  There are so many involved in the education of the young, who concentrate on the system of learning that initially is based on the ability to write, the ability to read, and the ability to count.  This basic system is necessary, because it gives the fundamental understanding of necessary ways for communication and for the ability to support the communication.  Then the educational system uses other subjects to instruct the young in past historical events and geographical locations.

There are many adults who, in their relationship with the very young, ignore the values of more understanding in truth that must be learned, because of the importance these truths will have on many decisions regarding values, standards, and a basic format of what is right, what is wrong, what must be accepted and what must be rejected.  Sometimes it is difficult when, in teaching a small child, that the rules that must be obeyed are for more reasons than the incidences occurring at that time.

Children must be taught all the aforementioned things, but they must also be instructed in their Closeness with God, and that in this Closeness with Him, He is Ever Present within them, in watching over them, but also in the effects of their actions on Him, how it saddens Him if they do wrong and how it gives Him happiness when they do right.

Most people teach the children that this makes them happy, or them sad, and they eliminate teaching the child about this Close Association with God, right from the time of communication.  Many times mankind eliminates instructing a small one that there is a Deep Close Association with The One Who Created Everything.

As I speak, I speak with a real concern, because there is so much neglect in this area, even when some feel they have covered it well, but in reality, in covering it, they have forgotten some other aspects of life that they have covered more dramatically, more emphatically, and that is the participation in being a part of activities, friendships, and being aware of all the latest interests available.

To broaden one’s mind, and to be acquainted with, interested in, and to participate in all the so-called action that is enjoyable, interesting, pleasant, and participating where others are involved, has an importance to it, yes, but the little ones must learn that there is a God and He is within their being, for it was through His Love for mankind that this child was created.  So be it.”

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