ON APRIL 10, 1993 AT 3:50 PM


“As I asked one day for My Son to sacrifice openly in My Name for Souls to be saved, again in your time I asked for one such as you to sacrifice in ways different than that time, but in a measure that will bring Hope to the whole world.

As it is difficult for many who have little Faith in how I would act, request a child born of human way to walk in My Name, with My Words, for My Will to be expressed verbally in a language understandable for all of mankind to see, to feel My Presence in their midst, it is true, there are many men, women, and even children, who willfully express that they are chosen by Me, for others to reflect upon, to obey.

This small one through whom I speak so constantly, using Many Here in the Heavens to deliver Instructions, Personal Direction, is not a common situation.  It is One of My Personal Deliberate Gifts to mankind in this generation, which encompasses several generations, just as it did in the time of My Beloved Moses and My Beloved Son.

The small voice I use covers many areas of human life.  The body is not one of great physical stamina or strength, but the will was placed at My Feet a long time ago, to be used for whatever manner or degree I chose to be.  Such a submission is not characteristic of human life.  Granted, there have been many who have, on their own, willingly said it, but I must say, ‘Interferences of human means and kinds caused much personal justification for the will to be sidetracked, or justifiably choosing what appeared to be more realistic to human nature.’

I have oftentimes Blessed hundreds through This Miracle I named ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’, because as this is and was His human identification, for mankind to respond, to associate with and remember, I have since allowed the Truth of This Part of Me to be seen, to be described as ‘The Holy Spirit’.

I chose the time for This Message to be revealed.  Before this, I allowed His Existence to be referred to as ‘The Silent Saint’.  The time is now for the whole world to know the Truth regarding the Full Greatness of The One Who stood so humbly in the eyes and the minds of all mankind.

So many strong Words could be spoken by Me on this Important Issue, but it is best for mankind to first fully see how logical This Announcement was and is, and it is to give strength to the importance of family life, and the Beauty in the Love I gave, the Support I gave to this station of life, for mankind to imitate.

I bless all who hear, all who read, and all who see the Value of This Beautiful Miracle that My Love for mankind has given to the world at this time.  So be it.”

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