ON APRIL 13, 1993 AT 1:43 PM


“We All smile today because as We watch this little one amidst thousands of people, she still hides her identity from man.  We say to her that We understand, but she must not hide Our Words, Our Presence.

There are yet so many Words to be put into open areas for men of all races, colors and creeds to learn about the Reason, Purpose, and Importance of human life.

So many are shouting instructions for others to follow, but all the instructions are not from Here; they are merely a means for attention, importance, in the eyes of others.

This Miracle of Divine Love is giving mankind Information that is stressing the Importance of the Soul, Which is the Connection to God, and the Means by which, with which, and how man can speak, pray, and deliberately feel a closeness to The Father.

Mankind must be informed of the Spirit of Divine Love, Divine Hope, Divine Goal, that is placed within each human conception.  The Soul is the Living Portion of all human life that is to live forever in the Realm of Heaven.”

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