ON APRIL 17, 1993 AT 8:21 PM


“I am Saint Cyprian.  I have not spoken openly very much through This Beautiful Gift of Divine Teaching that The Father has so generously given to the world, for all of mankind to learn more about His Purpose, His Love for all of mankind.

Up to this time much has been taught, even elaborated upon, regarding that Precious Gift to every individual man, woman and child, called ‘a Soul’.  This Supernatural Gift of Divine Love, though It cannot be seen nor felt, is in many ways a Portion of mankind that is evidenced through man’s ability to recognize what is purity in thinking, in speaking, in acting, and what is impure in these areas.

Many Here in the Heavens have spoken much regarding the diabolical interferences that are occurring so obviously in every area of human life.  Man says, ‘I see so much wrong going on around me, I see so much temptation in so many facets of daily living,’ but what man is not saying, is this:

‘God, give me the strength to follow only Your Will in everything I think, I say, I do, and I commit myself to.  God, give me the strength to be example so that others will imitate what I represent, because in me they will recognize Your Will.’

This is not an impossible task for any man, woman or child, but it is a sure path to Sainthood for the Soul.  As We watch the battles that man allows to be the victim of, We want so much to shout: ‘Be firm, be strong.  Do not allow weakness to control you because you have It within you to fight all moral battles, for them to be conquered by good!’

Some who might read These Words might say, ‘No Saint would speak that way.’ I, Saint Cyprian say: ‘I have, many times through This Beautiful Miracle, in what is called “a Teaching form of My Presence”, and I repeat on this night, “When The Father is asked for strength to conquer weakness, He has never refused anyone,” so it is time for mankind to see the Reality of This and the Love in It, because the Soul is a Portion of The Father given at the moment of conception.’

We sometimes hear individuals say, ‘This cannot be.’ Ask them, if they say it to you, ‘If my Soul is not a Portion of God, then what part of me can become a Saint?’ So be it.”

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