ON JULY 26, 1993 AT 1:35 PM


“The word ‘heresy’ is difficult for men of all cultures to fully understand.  They put this word and what it means into the category of past History.  I, Saint Ignatius Loyola say, ‘In this time in which you live, heresy has reached a peak that no other time in History can be compared with.’

The word ‘heresy’ to many is not understood.  Heresy is an angry word, a word that carries within it many terrible facets against All that God Is, all that The Father wants mankind to believe in, to practice, to understand, and to reach Him in the manner He has planned.

In this time, many who talk about the troubles of the time, never mention heresy.  They mention the morality, insecurity, problems, and that it is a troubled time in History.  What they do not think about is that ‘heresy is developed untruth’, and in this meaning, mankind should be looking for the solutions to correct the terrible effect that heresy has on the lives of every human being in every culture of life.

Men who wear a religious cloth of any denomination do not consider the horror that surrounds the whole world at this time, and that horror has a name; it is called ‘heresy’.

There is much more to be said on this subject, but at this time I will leave you with one point, and that is for you to not hold the word ‘heresy’ in a secret place, but in certain instances of conversation, use it to describe what is occurring throughout the world that is so detrimental to human life and Spiritual living.  So be it.”

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