ON JULY 29, 1993 AT 4:21 PM


“It is not as often as mankind thinks, that I choose ‘an individual’ to speak what I want mankind to hear, to understand, and to follow.

Many individuals want to feel exceptional, and they do many things to encourage other people to feel they have a gift of communication that gives them the means to speak for Me, in My Name, with information that to their thinking has great merit in it, regarding the direction of Spiritual growth, control, and guidance for others to follow.  When this occurs, there is always a great void in the soundness and in the words, because it is difficult for a human being to be so in tune with Divine Guidance.

This Miracle that I speak through is Special, because in Every Facet of It, It is guided and guarded by Divine Hope, Divine Love, and Divine Intervention.

Many, who at this time have very little understanding, who have very little Faith in My Existence, will one day use What has been given through this small instrument, and will be awakened to a new manner of life, having more understanding why they were created, the Goal of their creation, and of course, the Love of Mine that was a Great Part of this creation.

Many areas of communication must be used to transmit, to transport All of the Teachings, All of the Formal Revelations to people throughout the world.  As man would say, ‘No stone should be left unturned,’ to provide the whole world with What I want mankind to learn, to understand, to believe and to follow.

It is not important to concentrate on those who feel This Beautiful Miracle is not true.  You must understand that My Love for mankind, and All the different forms that I have used to instruct mankind, have not always been seen for the fullness that Each One provided, but it is because mankind, with the human mind, has many distractions and is inclined to follow the beliefs of those close, or things they feel comfortable with.  Many times the most simple Lesson I have given is ignored because It is not thought to be Profound, and It is cast aside, putting It in a human category.

When I created mankind, it was a special time in the History of the world.  I wanted to share My Love and What I Had, What I Was.  There is so much more to be delivered regarding My Plan.  I have given so much through This Precious Miracle of Divine Love.  It is to be passed into many areas for the benefit of Souls of millions of children throughout the world.  So be it.”

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