ON AUGUST 5, 1993 AT 3:58 PM


“For every bit of Divine Love that I have extended to the world for the benefit of mankind, I have used a Victim Soul as My deliverer, to take My Words, Directions, that I Will for mankind to use, to protect, and to follow.

It is important that This Miracle of Divine Love, Hope and Guidance be distributed everywhere man exists throughout the world.  Any rejection of It must be overlooked and must not be dwelled upon, because of the opinion, the interpretation that so many might use verbally, aggressively, denying the Value of What Comes From Me, through a human being.

The world is in great turmoil, and this turmoil is demonstrated through so many diabolical ideas, practices, intentions, beliefs, determinations, and habits.

I speak through a very small, tired child to mankind, because of the Souls that are being lost, mutilated by so much immorality, indecency, impurities, prevalent in all races, all colors, all creeds of mankind throughout the world.

Mankind tries to ignore This Lesson I have given to help mankind realize and understand that human life has Great Purpose in its very existence.  It is unlike any other creation of Mine.  Even though all things have reason and purpose, nothing else has a Portion of Me within it, that is to return to Me because from Where It came.

As each day passes in different time zones throughout the world, so much desecration is being allowed, so much desertion of What is handed you, appointed, and is necessary, because My Reasons for human life should be addressed constantly, and not ignored the way it is being done throughout the world.

I will hold this little one in a degree of ecstasy until I feel the time is right for her to be released slowly.  So be it.”

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