ON AUGUST 8, 1993 AT 2:46 PM


“As I said a short time ago, I have given the world a Miracle of My Love, by speaking through a small child in the world who has been prepared by Me to receive Personal Messages for the benefit of all mankind.

This Miracle is One in which mankind is being instilled with Sound Direction for every facet of life.  This Miracle is a Miracle that is to help mankind better understand what human life has been created for, and is destined for.

Sometimes it is difficult for some to understand the Magnitude of This Phenomenon I have given, because mankind is used to acting and reacting to strictly humanistic ideas, ideals, and structured means of observing forms of attention My Way.

Through This Miracle I have substantiated the Soundness of the necessity of sound moral values and sound moral standards.  I also have deliberately reported in many Versions, how mankind can visually see My Directions and readily reread Them so They can be readily available for more understanding.  All the Written Words are to be delivered without question, throughout the world.

The Commandments I gave to a son a long time ago must be reiterated upon and be brought back into practice, because the Souls of mankind are being desecrated by impurities that, to so many, have become habitual.

This Message must be seen by many.  So be it.”

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