ON AUGUST 13, 1993 AT 1:07 PM


“I am Saint Elizabeth.  I have not spoken many times through This Beautiful Miracle of Divine Love, but each time that I have been given permission, or I am requested to speak, I treasure these times, because it allows Me to help mankind better understand the Beauty and the Purpose that it is to be man.

Mankind has been handed a Precious Gift, a Gift that no one can see, no one can feel, because It is a Gift of Divine Will.  It has a Title, It is called ‘a Soul’.

As We stand Here in the Heavens and see the Purpose for This Great Miracle, it gives Us All a joy beyond man’s ability to know joy, for to Us This Miracle is paving the Gate to Heaven for millions of Souls that would, under other circumstances, spend much more time in Purgatory, delaying Their entrance into Heaven; or, to even make This Statement stronger, not even make it to Purgatory, but to be captured by the enemy for all eternity.

In the world there is so much moral destruction, moral decay that is so obvious in its appearance and results, due to diabolical interferences that We Here in the Heavens find it ‘so horrible to see that’, to put it in man’s way.  When We are asked to speak, to direct, to teach, to instruct in any amount of Words through This Miracle of Divine Love, Divine Hope, it is an additional Blessing, because We know that The Father’s Will must be accomplished for the Souls that are the victims of all the diabolical abuse.

There are so many things to be spoken, giving mankind the way that is important to live, to work, and it is always sad when someone hears of This Beautiful Miracle and denies It because of some foolish reason or lack of reason.

Every time One of Us is permitted to speak, The Father’s Presence is evident, and with the Words, man can be sure His Blessing, His Love is in Every One of Them.  So be it.”

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